Tekijä: Markus Kosonen


Once a subagreement has been approved, you cannot change its parent.

Snchez and Iglesias vowed to work to ensure they have a sufficient majority in the Parliament not only to back their coalition agreement and appoint the government but to rule the country for the next four years. Spanish acting Prime Minister and leader of Socialist Party, Pedro Sanchez (L) greets leader of Podemos left party, Pablo Iglesias (R) during the…

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Pluringulars, pronouns and quirky agreement.

During his 2016 election campaign and presidency, Trump has been highly critical of NAFTA (oftentimes describing it as “perhaps the worst trade deal ever made”)[105] while extolling USMCA as “a terrific deal for all of us.”[106] However, the USMCA is very similar to NAFTA, carrying over many of the same provisions and making only modest, mostly cosmetic changes,[107] and is…

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