Music video for Joonas Lepistö & Maailman Naamat

Music video by Markus Kosonen

Simrac – The rally simulator

Simrac from Markus Kosonen on Vimeo

Animated promo video for a mobile app

Promotional video for Q-Tip mobile application by Codemenders.

Bon Holmala – Lätkäsydän

Latest music video from Karisma Films cheers the Finnish ice-hockey team in Sochi Olympics. Karisma Films’ first feature film Life on Ice (Leijonan sydän) was released in 2005. Lätkäsydän is a song written and performed by Bon Holmala. Go Finland!

Song producer: Lauri Heikkilä, Astral Studio
Video: Markus Kosonen, Karisma Films
Thanks to:
Jarkko Näppilä
Atte Pentikäinen
Jan-Mikael Järvinen
Ossi Palola

Watch “Sydänjuuria” (Bound by Heart)


Bound by Heart now available for watching in Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

Nordic Prelude 3D – Special mention award in Barcelona


On behalf of the festival organisation of 3D FILM & MUSIC FEST BARCELONA 2013, I have the pleasure to inform “NORDIC PRELUDE 3D” won SPECIAL MENTION AWARD on the second editon of the festival this year.

Nordic Prelude 3D is an experimental short film, shot mostly in Finnish Lapland and Norwegian Finnmark during an expedition to the northernmost tip of the Europe – Nordkapp. The movie is made filming during the polar day in July 2013, and edited to the music of Verdi, as part of the Wagner-Verdi celebrations. Nordic Prelude was just premiered at the Barcelona 3D Film Music festival, and got a special mention.

Once again, this is a low-budget endeavour, with a minor crew. Custom dual Canon EOS camera rig was employed once again, with a variated interaxial distances and synchronized timer shutter. Shooting stereoscopic timelapses in nature is super tricky, and quite a few shots never made it to the final cut just because stereo didn’t worked on those (while looking very pretty in 2D).

Lightroom, StereoPhotomaker and Adobe Premiere were the post-production tools, with addition of LRTimelapse. This Lightroom add-on makes incredible work and allows timelapsers to eliminate flicker and significantly reduce lighting jumps in the shots. One of the challenges when shooting timelapses outside is often cloudy weather. The light is changing all the time, and the final timelapse can contain quite radical flickering because of the sun shining in one frame, and being behind the clouds in a next one.

Some of the notable locations include national parks of Koli, Repovesi, Syöte, Urho Kekkonen park, Lemmenjoki, Torronsuo and Nuuksio. Full expedition map can be found here.

The film is currently available for licensing and festivals, in 3D HD and 3D 4K. DCP package is available on request.

Sydänjuuria selected to Nordic Glory Festival competition final


Karisma Films short film Sydänjuuria (Bound by Heart) has been selected to the final competition of Nordic Glory Festival (Arktisen Upeeta, Jyväskylä, Finland). All the Nordic coutries are represented in the festival program. Festival website will list the screening times at You can see the film in IMDB as it´s been released for free distribution 21.12.2013. The link to see the film is posted on this site ta 0.00.

Bound by Heart free-release in IMDB 21.12.2013

Karisma Films short film Bound By Heart (dir. Outi Hartikainen) has had its international festival run, and as a part of the National Short Film day December 21th, we will release the short film for free in the Internet Movie Database IMDB. The link for watching the film will be posted on this site 21.12.2013. 0.00 AM. Your welcome to watch and enjoy the film anytime after that!

Here is the list  of festivals Bound by Heart was screened (so far):

  • update 18.12.13. added Nordic Glory Festival 2014, Finland (2/2014)
  • Bollywood International Film Festival 2013, USA
  • Phoenix Film Festival 2013, USA
  • Jaipur International Film Festival 2013, India
  • Magma, mostra di cinema breve 2012, Italy
  • Helsinki Short Film Festival 2012, Finland
  • Mumbai Film Festival 2012, India
  • Rakkautta & Anarkiaa Film Festival 2012, Finland
  • Reikäreuna Film Festival 2012, Finland
  • Tampere Film Festival 2012, Finland

Nordic Prelude 3D trailer

Trailer for Nordic Prelude, 3D timelapse montage by Alex Savin, Karisma Films

Helsinki 3D pre-premiered in Los Angeles


Karisma Films’ latest stereoscopic film, Helsinki 3D begins its festival round. Yesterday, the film was screened as a part of Americas 3D week venue. 3D Film Festival is dedicated to perpetuating the art and science of 3D in  Los Angeles, U.S. 3DFF has grown into North America’s most preeminent 3D festival, attended by thousands of filmmakers, fans, 3D technology companies, equipment manufacturers, video game designers and many others.

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